We provide components for all types of manufacturers. Our process is simple. Whatever brand, make or model you are looking for we can find or manufacture a component that fits your exact needs. Milco has year of extensive experience working with all types of components and welding solutions which allows us to quickly understand your needs and provide the components that will keep your business operational.

We make cylinders for all manufacturers – not just our own. Simply give us your part number and make of your current cylinder and we will cross reference with our components to find  the right match.

Modular Gun Parts
We supply any and all non-perishable components that make up a modular gun. In many cases, Milco is the only supplier that can provide access to optional items or spare parts you may need.

Cast Gun Parts
Milco manufactures cast gun parts for all types of cast guns. We can provide you with parts for any make or model you may be looking for, even guns we don’t manufacture ourselves. Provide details or part numbers and we can find a component that will fit your current needs.

Copper Consumables
Copper consumables / perishable items from your current weld guns may be hard to find, or hard to replace. Our trusted partner, Welform Electrodes is able to meet all your needs in this category. Follow this link to their site, to learn more about how Welform can “bend over backward” to fit your consumables needs. Welform website (click here)

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