Case Study: MLS Lightweight Series

Due to process changes and the need for speed, Milco customers were looking for a light weight gun. Milco, specializing in meeting all clients’ unique needs, developed the MLS Lightweight Series. This was one gun basic that worked for both Pinch and “C” guns. The engineering behind the Lightweight Series allowed customers to increase their manufacturing efficiency and certainly met their need for speed.
Milco Lightweight Servo Gun System:
  • Compact flexible design
  • Shared Aluminum Basic for “C” and “X” gun
  • Transformer – (2) Architectures Available both MFDC
  • 1200Hz (LFT frame)
  • 1800Hz (S frame)
  • Light weight system
  • “C” gun 54kg-64kg
  • “X” gun 55kg-67kg
  • Designed for smaller high-speed low capacity robots