We have just developed a brand new product to increase the ease with which you can perform maintenance on your weld guns. How often have you or your employees needed to change the cap or cap adaptor on your spot-weld gun and needed to walk from your job site to somewhere on the other side of your plant get your replacement cap, only to realize you accidentally grabbed the wrong size? Now you have to walk all the way back and forth again, wasting time, production, and money. Some people install cabinets or buckets to solve this problem, but they can be big, expensive, and get in the way of your machine. What you need is a small box that can sit beside your weld gun, out of the way, and holds all the replacement parts for the quick wear parts used on that exact gun. To meet this need that so many of you are facing (and may not even realize) we sat down and came up with that very toolbox you needed.

It is made from a high-grade, industrial plastic; making it lightweight, durable, and strong. There are two removable lids on each side of the box which have been designed to hold your caps. Each lid can hold 22 caps (for a total of 44 per box). Beneath the lids are compartments to hold nearly any kind of caps, cap adaptors, and your Soft Touch Cap Hammer/Extractor. The handle in the center ensures that it isn’t at all awkward to carry, even when loaded down by all your important tools. No more trips across the shop floor to get one spare cap, no more wasted time, no more wasted money. Order yours now by phone or email at (586) 755-7320 or sales@milcomfg.com

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