We have come a long way since the days in our small converted hamburger stand. Our team has grown, our facilities have expanded and our presence can be felt around the world. As we celebrate 65 years in business, we could not be more excited to share our success with our team and community.


Creating Jobs in Michigan

Our company was built on the philosophy of true manufacturing. We keep everything in-house in order to maintain the highest level of quality possible for our clients and to increase job opportunities for those in Michigan’s manufacturing industry. We are always in search of talented craftsmen across the region to join our growing team of passionate individuals.

In fact, we were recently awarded a plaque on behalf of Governor Rick Snyder commemorating our 65-year commitment to creating jobs in Michigan. We were very honored to be recognized by our community and will continue our efforts to support the manufacturing workforce in our great state of Michigan.

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Memory Lane

Back in 1964, a huge snow storm hit the area. While many of us decided to stay home and avoid the elements, there was a group of five employees who were determined to come to work. However, they came to find all the shop doors were locked. But even that didn’t stop them! They broke the back window and managed to get into the shop to work a full day. Talk about loyalty!

Check out some of our other favorite moments from the past 65 years…

We are proud of our accomplishments thus far and are excited to take our company even further in the coming years.