High Speed Servo Guns


Milco Manufacturing has been creating the highest quality resistance welding equipment in the industry since 1950. We are known for our ability to design and manufacture high speed servo guns that are customized to meet our clients’ manufacturing needs. Our proven technology allows us to produce reliable servo welding equipment that can be found in some of the world’s leading manufacturing facilities.

Our high speed servo guns were created to streamline our client’s manufacturing process while providing them with most precise and effective equipment out there. While many companies talk about speed, precision or being cost effective, we provide our customers all three. Because we control every aspect of the manufacturing and construction of our guns, we can maintain a level of quality and service few can manage. We are true manufacturers.

The secret behind the Milco’s high speed servo guns is our unique welding technology. Our ability to manage a wide range of tip forces gives us ease of adjustability and the freedom to develop an answer for our client needs, rather than trying to fit them into our standard product. We have the engineering expertise and manufacturing know-how to set the standard in our industry. We give our clients what they need.

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