Lightweight High Speed Robot Gun

Looking for speed but don’t want to compromise quality and precision? Then you’ve come to the right place! Our lightweight high speed robot gun is exactly what you need to increase your welding performance while maintaining the quality your customers demand. Here at Milco, we’ve spent our entire company’s history finding new ways to perfect resistance welding technology that pushes the industry forward. In other words, you can trust that we can give you the tools you need to increase efficiency in your business.

Our lightweight high speed robot gun can be custom made to fit your exact manufacturing needs. The secret behind the Milco weld gun technology is the ability to manage a wide range of tip forces and the ease of adjustability. This freedom of adjustability allows us to develop an answer for our client needs, rather than trying to fit you into our products. Because we control every aspect of the manufacturing and construction of our guns, we can maintain a level of quality and service few can manage.

Being that we are one of the largest and long-standing manufacturers in this industry, we strive to push the boundaries in order to give you the exact welding equipment you need. Our lightweight high speed robot gun is just one example of that. Clients all over the world trust our industry-known hydraulic, pneumatic, servo and specialty products to help them reach their manufacturing goals. We are a true global manufacturer.

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