Lightweight Servo Guns


Milco Manufacturing is one of the leading full-service suppliers of lightweight resistance welding equipment in the world. We have been evolving our world class weld gun technology since 1950, allowing us to become a reliable resource for clients. We are one of the few manufacturers to offer fully-customizable, lightweight servo guns to clients around the world.

Our lightweight servo guns are greatly reduced in size and weight yet maintain their strength and quality in order to meet your manufacturing efficiency needs. Milco’s “true manufacturing” philosophy allows us to control every aspect of the manufacturing and construction of our guns, giving our clients the most precise, efficient and cost-effective welding equipment available. This is the driving force behind everything we do. Meaning, we always go above and beyond to create the tools necessary for your company’s success.

Our manufacturing facility has reached a level of freedom of adjustability that allows us to develop unique solutions for our clients, rather than trying to fit them into a standard product. We are known for developing custom lightweight servo guns when project conditions prohibit the use of standard products. Our engineering expertise and manufacturing know-how allows us to quickly and easily find the right solution for you.

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