Lightweight Weld Guns


Milco Manufacturing has been around for over 60 years, creating the highest quality resistance welding equipment in the industry. We are especially known for our ability to design and manufacture lightweight weld guns that are customized to meet our clients’ manufacturing needs. Our proven technology allows us to evolve and innovate with both our designs and production capacity in order to provide you with the best resistance welding equipment in the world.

Our cutting edge design in servo technology allows us to develop lightweight weld guns that continue to meet high demands and improve efficiency in your manufacturing facility. These servo guns are both light and robust, meaning quality, strength and speed will never be compromised. Milco has been a pioneer in resistance welding equipment since 1950 — you can trust that our lightweight weld guns will surpass your expectations.

Here at Milco Manufacturing, we believe in staying true to our roots while continuing to evolve with the technology that surrounds us. Because we control every aspect of the manufacturing and construction of our lightweight weld guns, we can maintain a level of quality and service few can manage. We are known to be the “true manufacturers” of this industry and remain the standard for our clients.

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