Manufacturing Detroit


Milco Manufacturing is one of the leading manufacturing Detroit suppliers of resistance welding equipment in the world. Being one of the largest and most established manufacturing Detroit companies, we strive to maintain our process as efficient and effective as possible. Because Milco manufactures and controls all parts from within, we are able to reach a level of precision, quality and service that is unmatched in the industry.

We started manufacturing in Detroit back in 1950 and since then have develop a wide range of products and services to better serve our clients. We are pioneers in resistance welding equipment, producing hydraulic, pneumatic, and servo welding products. Milco’s world-class weld gun technology has allowed us to place our weld guns into leading manufacturing facilities around the world.

As a leading manufacturing Detroit company, Milco Manufacturing has the engineering expertise and technical know-how to build all types of specialty machines for our clients’ specific uses. Because we manufacture and engineer our parts internally, we can create custom solutions that will fit all your specific needs and output.

Our cutting edge design in modular and servo technology positions us as the leaders in the manufacturing Detroit industry. Contact us now to get started on your Milco experience.