Milco Modular Cylinders

Since the 1950s, we have been creating welding products for our client’s unique manufacturing needs — one of these being our line of custom cylinders. We are able to work with your current equipment to provide parts for new guns, and help to replace worn parts for existing equipment. Our Milco modular cylinders are one of our most popular pneumatic cylinder products among customers.

We designed and launched the Milco modular cylinders back in 2000. They were reviewed as the best cylinder technology for improved manufacturability and extended life. With our engineering expertise and true manufacturing capabilities, we were able to create these top-of-the-line cylinders that reduce standard lead times. Not to mention, the multiple mounts allow use on many gun platforms, meaning you will not be restricted to a single gun type.

Milco Manufacturing strives to reach customer satisfaction through our problem solving abilities and top shelf service. We are designers, innovators and manufacturers of anything you can imagine. Come to us with your specs and requirements and we will design and build the best Milco modular cylinders for your project. We will show you the difference our years of experience and dedication can make.

Interested in learning more about our Milco modular cylinders? Contact us today to get started.