Robotic Welding Technology


Milco Manufacturing was built on years, and years of experience. Since 1950, our team of craftsmen have been leading the way in both pneumatic and servo robotic welding technology. Our extensive background in robotic welding technology allows us to craft unique resistance welding equipment that meets your facility’s production needs. We are known to maintain a level of precision, quality and service that is unmatched in our industry — our robotic welding technology sets the standard.

Because we control every aspect of the manufacturing and construction of our guns, we reach a level of quality and service few can manage. This philosophy has allowed us to place our robotic welding technology into leading manufacturing facilities around the world. In addition, Milco equipment is compatible with all major robot manufacturers making it that much easier to work with us.

Here at Milco Manufacturing, we strive to maintain our process as efficient and effective as possible in order to provide you with the highest quality robotic welding technology in our industry. We are designers, innovators and manufacturers of anything you can imagine. Let us in on your next robotic welding technology project, and we will show you the difference our years of experience and dedication can make.

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