Servo Gun


Milco Manufacturing specializes in creating top-of-the-line servo gun and resistance welding equipment for leading manufacturing facilities around the world. Since the mid 90s, we have been making strides in the servo gun industry, allowing us to produce the highest quality hydraulic, pneumatic, and servo welding products. Built on a foundation and philosophy of “true manufacturers” we remain the standard for our clients.

By controlling every aspect of the manufacturing and construction of our guns, we can maintain a level of quality and service few can match. This has allowed us to become the leading innovators, designers and manufacturers of servo gun technology in the world. The secret behind the Milco servo gun technology is the ability to manage a wide range of tip forces and the ease of adjustability. We offer robotic, projection welding, manual, fixture and specialized guns — all uniquely designed to fit your exact wants and needs.

Being one of the largest, and oldest servo gun manufacturers in our industry, we strive to maintain our process as efficient and effective as possible. We evolve with the fast-paced technology that surrounds us while staying true to our roots.

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