Weld Gun Technology


Milco Manufacturing has been a pioneer in weld gun technology since 1950. Our extensive background in the world of resistance welding allows us to create welding solutions that meets your company’s exact needs and production goals. Milco’s world class weld gun technology has allowed us to place our weld guns into leading manufacturing facilities around the world.

Because we control every aspect of the manufacturing and construction of our guns, we are able to provide the most precise and efficient welding equipment in our industry. The secret behind our weld gun technology is the ability to manage a wide range of tip forces and the ease of adjustability. This freedom of adjustability allows us to develop an answer for our client needs, rather than trying to fit them into our products. In addition, Milco’s welding equipment is compatible with all major robot manufacturers making it that much easier to work with us.

We offer a variety of weld guns, including robotic, projection, manual and fixture. However, when none of these options fit your needs, we go back to the drawing board and develop specialized solutions. We are known for developing custom weld gun technology when project conditions prohibit the use of standard products. Our engineering expertise and manufacturing know-how allow us to quickly and easily find the best solution for you.

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