Trucks, Trucks…and More Trucks


The 2016 Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS) took place last week in Louisville, Kentucky. As you know, this was Milco’s first visit to this event, and it couldn’t have gone any better. Check out our interview with our very own Mike Koltuniak to get a glimpse into how MATS 2016 went!


What was your first impression of the show, Mike?

This was a huge event! There were four large showcases that surrounded the stadium. I wasn’t expecting to see so many displays, but I should have expected that truck manufacturers require a large amount of real estate to display their products. Overall, it was a very impressive event and very well executed.


What was the most interesting thing you saw at MATS 2016?

I think that I imagined that “trucks” in general would be typical of what I normally see along the road in my travels, but the showmanship and displays were very appealing. Picture lots of chrome and impressive displays. It was interesting to see the amount detail and quality that goes into designing and manufacturing these trucks.



What were you hoping to achieve at the event?

We specifically targeted the manufacturers. We were able to meet with great companies like Manac, Trail King Industries, East Manufacturing Corp. and many more. New doors were opened, which is exactly what we were hoping for.


Did you feel this was a beneficial trip for Milco?

This was definitely a beneficial event for us. We got the opportunity to meet with the manufacturing personnel and engineering professionals we hoped for to discuss the improvements that could be recognized with the introduction of our new technologies.


Will you be going back in 2017?

There is a good chance we will attend next year. This year’s penetration will truly define the next couple of years for us, especially if we target 2018 to match the next deployment with new manufacturing plant upgrades being that the cycles of updates aren’t typically “yearly” as you see in most automotive plants. It’s all very exciting!


Overall Success

You can certainly say that MATS 2016 was a true success for us here at Milco. We will be working on many innovative technologies this year that will allow us to enter these different industries and expand our growth into new markets. Amazing opportunities are coming our way so stay tuned for the latest!