Here at Milco we believe in maximizing not only our productivity, but yours as well. That’s why we crafted this ‘wonder tool’ to speed you up on the floor. The urethane tips of the hammer provide the soft touch needed to avoid damaging the tapers of your cap adapters, while maintaining the ability to firmly fix the caps in place. This will increase longevity, keeping you from wasting time changing out accidentally damaged parts.

Looking at the other end of the Soft Touch Hammer/Extractor you will see a powerful, spring-loaded wrench, designed to remove used caps with unmatched ease. The shape and direction of the teeth allow them to lock onto even the toughest caps and pop them right off at minimal effort to the operator.

From top to bottom, this tool is a must-have for any weld gun maintenance kit. If you have been looking for a way to boost efficiency at your plant, look no further. Keep this tool in your Cap/Cap Adaptor Toolbox right beside your spot welder and say goodbye to needless trips across the shop floor to change out worn down caps. Call or email now to order your new time saver at (586) 755-7320 or

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